Where’s sc club roadmap

Some bs it ain’t up yet

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Can’t go one week without a fuck up.


But the weekly mission’s for it refreshed.
@TayTron @Shawn.Scopely @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely

Cake roadmap is missing as well


These guys could ruin a wet dream. Seriously it’s gotten so ridiculous that they cant execute anything without a mistake. How bad can you be at your job and still remain employed


Just noticed it was missing as well good to see it isn’t just me then

Scopely not dedicated enough yet they keep surviving.

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I was going to be getting my 30k 5 star tokens, what the heck.

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Need comics to ascend or advance toons, main source of comics is the roadmap. Countdown timer is what we use to know when new map is up, we can’t rely on that anymore.

Remind me again why the paid subscription is worth it…

Thought, I was the only one. I was looking forward to getting more comics too…

Could be that there are a couple events running at the same time. Buuuuutttttt…

Maybe scopley just wanted to show how many have it :joy: :joy: :joy: hold it back half hr watch the forums go on fire :joy: :joy: :joy: try show up #playerunited just my opinion as usual enjoy :wink:

Please deploy SC roadmap ASAP. Any info on the museum collection expiry date (e.g. Zac)? @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely

This game is about as bad as a bag of rotten dicks at this point. We are paying for this and they can’t even reset roadmaps without there being a hooha. C’mon it’s getting ridiculous. I need 80 comics and it takes me 2 weeks to get 12-15 of them if I’m lucky. £23 a month for this is a god damn farce! I can’t even anymore :woman_facepalming:t2:

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Can’t even what?

I’m sure everyone complaining will renew yet again next month… :joy:

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Map just popped up for me

Hi all,

This should start appearing shortly, our apologies for the delay.



Y’all at scopley HQ need to stop apologizing and start compensating us for each f#ck up