Where’s 200k milestone gone?

Damn…really liked that I got more rewards for putting the effort in.

Where’s it gone…?

Think its a crw thing only unfortunately

Messaged @JB.Scopely about this of course he didn’t respond

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Maybe it’s a hint: it’s the holidays, so go spend time with your loved ones!


That’s not something they would say. They would take out the “time with your loved ones” and put in “your money on this game”

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200k went AWOL along with rewards that don’t suck.


200k is very unrealistic for me. No thank you!
I have a hard enough time getting 50k.
Working weekends sucks.
Being in an active faction. Fighting to just get a seat in the queue is annoying aswell.

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Also…who wants stare at their phone all weekend playing a mindnumbing overly missmanaged money seeking pit of a ever painful disgust to its playerbase.

You, apparently

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Not everyone celebrates xmas, etc.

They want people to only like crw cause it makes more money, more people coin and buy war cans for crw, they did it tho, lots liked aow and they have shifted the mind set to crw more and now they will make more money :slight_smile: like lambs to the slaughter

Or maybe CRW is just preferred for the variation in opponents which falling region populations have prevented in AOW. A ludicrous suggestion compared to Scopely mind control I know

I like crw for the more opponents, aow for the rewards, none the less crw makes them more money which is what they will push for, now where is my tinfoil hat, i need to protect my brain from the scopely mind control you speak of!

Lol. I agree AOW gives better prizes. But with 2 days of fighting the Top 3 repeatedly, it ought to do too!

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