Where is YGL, Had it once in a whole week


So I have gotten YGL once in the past week. Wasn’t this supposed to be fixed? All these level up tournaments and I can’t get a single YGL mission. When are they going to fix this?


Mine just popped up. I haven’t seen it since last level up earlier this week.


Have you done the required gold missions?


Same boat. Been coining missions to abort and nothing :disappointed:


Yeah I have two lvl 20 scavenger camps been aborting other missions doing the short prestige missions but nothing.


after the update ive been seeing it quite often. definately an improvement on what it used to be. before, i would be lucky to see it every 3 weeks. now i see it like every other day
sometimes if i coin it, it shows up back to back to back consistently.


I haven’t seen mine for 5 days now. Usually I get it at least once a level up. Not this time :frowning: have my earliest mission available in just under 10 hours.


I’m not sure why the amount of ygl missions appear in such an uneven amount for some but I had two of them in last two days…I tend to get approximately 4 per week sometimes more sometimes less but I’ve never had 3 days pass consecutively without one…


All I know is I’ve gotten ygl multiple times these last few level up. More then ever before, I think it’s how you do your missions still. I’m not sure though.