Where is tires offer?



I bought all of the offer that included “tires” 2 days ago but now it look like there is no more this kind of offer anymore… my dream to get both of Sandy and Bruce seem lost. @JB.Scopely pls make it happen!


Bring this offer back!! @JB.Scopely



To be honest, it’s crazy there are no keys for sale anywhere. Scopley won’t have given enough out to complete much more than half the maps, so to not offer any in the final days is lunacy


How may tires do you need, because what you can do is transfer regions. When you transfer regions, your tournament progress is reset. So just hit the 1.25 million milestone in this level tourney, get your tires and keys, transfer to another regions, milestones and key again.

Edit: Or go really big and wait until tonight when the raid tourney is on. 2 extra keys and 2,364 extra tires!

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