Where is the Weapon Parts roadmap?

I need more laser sights and pks. Its Thurs


You know you can craft laser sights for basically nothing.


The real complement here is where is the gear road?!?!


I was just thinking where are the roadmaps.

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I know they can be crafted but it just restarted a couple of months back an need huge ap weapons to compete in PvP events.

This is not a huge deal to older accounts who have arm lvl 20 to craft parts but to the new players this just widens the gap!

I will have to wait till I get up to gold survival road to start getting hardened blade an laser sights from SR or wait till I have got my town hall up to level 20…

Last thing we need is more changes that widen the gap between top and bottom…

@JB.Scopely can u look at this for us it’s hurting the little guys most


Any word @JB.Scopely would just like to know if someone clicked the wrong button or its removal was planned can’t be that hard to find out surely!

What you mean Scopely did some shit an stayed completely quiet about it just like they always do with every subject???

Crazy. Suppose we could be like wanderer and expect that because thats exactly what they do every time with every subject they totally werent gonna do it the next time lol…

Yes im pissed too. Its crap just another way to screw people deplete any gear stash that people do have and look to force sales…

I have never bought gear straight up and im not going too. Sure maybe some was mixed in a offer but that wasnt the part of the offer that got me to buy it was just a plus.

Toons/things for toon pulls. Suppose i could see cans also to keep going after running out of energy after that nobody wants to pay for your crap so just stop.

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity. :man_shrugging:

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