Where is the updated June calendar?

First time I can’t find the updated monthly calendar. Anybody know what’s up or where it is? It stops on June 9th.

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They pun/unpin it all the time. No one knows why i don’t think. Makes no sense to me…

Just search the forum for tournament calendar and it’ll show up. For me it’s usually 3-5 results down.

Any reason you always unpin the post @GR.Scopely I’d rather it stay pinned even if you haven’t had a chance to update it yet. At least when it’s pinned everyone can quickly check to see what’s going on

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you can make a bookmark of it at the bottom in the topic control options so you can always find it :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s still pinned. He unpins it and pins it again. The issue is the number of pinned posts exceeds Discourse’s maximum number to display.

Highly recommend using the bookmark feature of the forums (click the three dots under the post and then bookmark). Or, save it as a favorite in your browser, use one of the Line bots to pop up the link, or use search.

I think OP’s point though, is that the calendar hasn’t been updated.


Thank u kookland

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Thank u for your help!

hopefully they update it soon, would be nice to know if we have CRW this weekend

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