Where is the update for the free vids for euro players

So where is the update for the euro players on the free vids , we been hearing there was a update to fix it after week 2 stil no update and stil no free vids and then scopes and there greed lock people up for a hand full of coins while we euro players have missed out of coins for monhts


They dont fix anything unless it costs them money or they can make money off it, guess tapjoy advertising doesnt pay much :man_shrugging:

‘Next few weeks’. So early July at latest

next few weeks means 2020

you got trolled by jb

soon means here have a half baked cookies and go away



Coming soon :grinning:

The answer to this question I believe is either July 27 or July 29th. It is coming with the new beta update.

Provided the update gets approved by google and Apple…

Updated my iOS TWD version couple hours ago and I can watch vids for coins again.

Yes, I am from Europe.


The update went live today =)


So mia is fixed? Or is that a different update?

And thanks for the info!!

The bug with Outlast and Active Skills is also fixed in this release.

Just tested, still bugged. Maybe it hasn’t been forced through. I’ll keep checking. Thanks again!

How many did you manage to watch ?

Loaded update & it’s back working, does say it won’t work for all, doesn’t say who / why it wont work for all.

I literally only got 20 ads 30 less than we had before

7 or 8 I’ve watched, didn’t need much for buying gloves & shirt offer.