Where is the ultra rare gear map?

Should have been up 12 minutes ago?

Last week the other gear map did not come up for 12 hours and we got screwed!



@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely @LadyGeek any info on this? Appears Tuesdays maps are not in rotation? Instead we get workshop map :face_vomiting:

Don’t think tagging LadyGeek will help, she doesn’t work for Scopely, just understands the game better than most of the people who do :+1:


Dont bother messaging support either they will say they are subject to change and offer no answer on whether it’s intended or if it will come late. This is why I always curse myself after messaging support, I know the answer I’ll get but I tried anyways. I dont think I’ve ever gotten a straight answer from them on anything

Thanks for the reports. The roadmap is being added in the game now, and should appear soon in your respective game sessions.

This is caused by a new Roadmap schedule that we’ll be putting in place. Once I have all the defined details, I will update the Roadmap Schedule accordingly.

Many thanks, and apologies for the temporary outage!


I think the elite and ultra rare gear maps should be permanent. Also, a legendary gear roadmap should be added that works the same as the other 2. Obviously at a higher energy cost.


Nice on the fast response! Love it! A new roadmap schedule… Hmmm

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Thanks for the response. Need that gear

I think something like the one we get on sunday but revamped with leg gear and just run it mon-fri and make it farmable per stsge and get rid of the rng crap crates… We can still dream lol of course this wont happen as gear needs to be locked and monetized

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It’s been an hour. No gear map yet

Same no gear map @JB.Scopely

How many times are they going to change the schedule when there is absolutely no reason to do so?

Now if the change was to introduce t3 or even t4 6-star gear maps then go right ahead. It won’t be though. It’s just another attempt at trying to see if they can get people to buy cans. We won’t.


It’s up now thank you

Geez…half my day wasted…

They’ll try to basically do another can Thursday thing, Sunday was kinda like that with the story Sundays (oh yea thats gone even tho was said to return, prob cause we were given cans in that) but theyll do something like that to drain people of cans in hopes theyll buy some :money_mouth_face: :moneybag:


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