Where is the promised ultra map?


When you tell us something is going to happen we make plans for it. I put a character in ygl because I was told I would get the ultra gear map I need to upgrade him. Well you didn’t deliver again @kalishane. What’s the reasoning for this blunder?

Are we going to get our gear map? Even late is better than none.


There are already multiple threads on this topic. Creating more doesn’t help.


You are their prime target.

Promise something that is needed, player uses the all too rare YGL with a toon needing gear to tier up, fail to provide promised gear map & then offer to sell said gear with an ‘offer’.

You’re left with a choice, pay up, leave them in YGL for weeks or simply waste the scav mission.

I wonder how many people do pay up?


Of course it does. The more visibility it has the more chance to get a response.


What would help make them follow through on promises? I’d love to know.


I have to respectfully disagree, at this point creating multiple threads on the same topic falls into the category of spamming the forum. I would like an ultra rare gear map too though.


That’s like saying “are we there yet?” over and over thinking it will get you to your destination quicker.


No it’s like playing the same commercial over and over. Get your analogies straight


Who knows? Nothing has helped as far as I know, especially creating multiple threads on the same topic.


Let the moderator moderate. Your help really isn’t needed. Thanks


And why would scopely want to respond to that instead of just turning the TV off?


Just making suggestion so we won’t have to watch the same commercial over and over. You know how it goes.