Where is the promised FA tickets

If this is a glitch or bug, at least we deserve to know what is going on why you are fixing the problem

Scopely fixing a problem :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: unless it messes with their income its not getting fixed


the fix will come in 6 days, but the event ends in 5…

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No FA tickets. No January log in event. But hey the offers still work great and there’s a new promo coming out!


HQ is on vacation. They scheduled the offers to come out. If we see nothing tomorrow we have a problem.

Jb will give us a generic response like they were only set to give out the free tickets till the first even though it doesn’t say that anywhere on the message or announcement . Him and scopely employees do not care if we get them or not as long as you keep spending hundreds of dollars per promo . I can gurentee this response


Jb doesn’t care because he isn’t real. It’s just a support bot


Oils be his responses are so generic I wouldn’t doubt it … take that to the team

Half the time all JBot says is "contact In game support " and the classic “i’ll take it to the team” but has JBot ever done anything? No, no it hasn’t


Happy new year from scopely and sorry we screwed you again. Anyone expect any less


Scopely love to feed p2p player LOL they keep give them offers

I was hoping the tickets would continue as was stated in the description. Very disappointed

yeah, lets create 3 same topics because the forum will be much clearer and its easier to find something in it…

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If you insist. But seems redundant

I’ll keep bump this thread

Needed. Feel that we got screwed

They deleted my posts lol sad … way to go scopely y’all are so great

Hi (insert name)

Sorry to hear about the issue.

Please do file a report to our support crew as they’ll be able to look into it, and compensate your account accordingly.

Thank you! la la

Should we keep surviving?

Just showed up for me, but only 1.5k