Where is the promised 2nd half of the URG Map?


Title says it all, supposed to have another one after the roadmap cleared up.


They need to quit fuckin’ around and just give us an ultimate gear map. Bored to death here with all of these stupid ass level ups


Working on it!


All due respect, but what is there to work on? Y’all knew there’d be too many pins in the roadmap for the second half of the one you promised we’d get to happen when you said it would. Unless there’s another event planned happening today, press the button and activate the gear map!


Unfortunately they don’t keep promises, even those promises about keeping promises lol



Thank you


Hey! I’m sorry, what is this in reference to?


I was typing while you’ve posted response, glad you are here again, we need you to show scops how we feel right now and I feel ingored and bored most of the time, cheers


We got a 12 your gear map. It was only 12 hours because u had other maps to fill all the space. My understanding was that we were supposed to get the other 12 hours later in the week. I had forgotten about it. It I don’t believe we have gotten the map yet. @kalishane.