Where is the Priya thread?

She’s been leaked!!! Dropping in a little over two hours.

Ice cream cones in the shop already

That’s an absolute monstrosity.


Two priyas to get her s-class? Oh less people will get her I guess


Honestly… she looks insanely hard to get so if players want to pay that much, go for it. Well maybe not insanely hard. Just is insanely expensive.


Whoever pays for Priya is deluded af. Scopely are just greedy


Shes not as op as i thought she would be tbh

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Unless Daze stops payback or something, she’s not even in the meta. She will hit too hard. I’m just afraid it will :weary::weary::weary:

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Agreed. Depending on what the heck Daze does.

Yeah, I replied after that second picture loaded… my bad haha!

At least you have to get 2 of her to unlock the S Class so it’ll take a lot of luck or money… or both to get her so less people should have her.

She’ll probably cost like 3/4k $

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Daze has to stop payback or bide or both or shes not gonna break PU

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Scopely should do an event which makes two old Ascendable s S class or something. Would be pretty cool, but it wouldn’t bring in any revenue so I’m guessing nothing like that would ever happen lol

Games Broken :frowning:

If it does then she’s op as hell lol. She will murder three toons behind behind on turn two.

Release s class Pete wait a month ,release s class Priya make Pete borderline useless, wait a month release s class hengyen make Priya useless. Endless cycle of fuckery


I’m surprised she didn’t have a “very huge bonus to AP when attacking” lead.


Honestly, Pete is a big disappointment. Lots of heavy hitting blues. But yes. It’s the point of it. There’s a reason they are putting out more and more blue keys.

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These next few days of SC pulls have a lot of heavy lifting to do

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