Where is the prayer bead map

Haven’t seen a prayer bead map in a long time just gave up on us 9/10 of the way through?


the event ended yesterday, thats why theres no more roadmaps or raid drops for the stupid yin/yang items

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Maps ended as announced.

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or may be that was their plan to make people spend in the very end

I’m 4 beacons and 10 world cans away from getting Zhu
That’s like 17k coins now (4 beacons bags and wc cost) loool these offers are top memes

Why are we still able to get beads from museum?

Bercouse dev dont play the game

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I got a random beacon for a milestone I wasn’t even aware of. As in, it’s not showing up in milestones. Idk. Keep your fingers crossed.

That’s always their plan

What museum collection is giving you beads?

Edit: You must be talking about typhoon bonus 3. Well they shouldn’t take it down just because the map is over, it’s still worth a shot trying to get a beacon if you so choose but basically all reward options for that collection are pretty lack luster anyways.

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