Where is the pc?

Thanks for helping make arenas worthless but there’s “competition” now yay

From the looks of it some are abandoning ship. I don’t know any of them personally, but since some of them are bouncing (some more publicly than others), it doesn’t fill me with optimism about the direction of the game by the devs, given that they are privy to information us mere mortals are not

It’s so sad something so simple is out of the grasp of the developers ive been playing games since the 80s and never seen as many issues with 1 game in my life ps. I’ve played thousands


My guess is yelling at a wall somewhere


Having a nice pancake breakfast with their overlord masters.

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what has the pc to do with all this? every time scopely screws something up people start blaming the pc, that’s complete bs.


PC seems like it was only a way to legally silence their critics.


It gives the apparency that they care about the players’ opinions. They do not


This is the answer. People seem to think the PC are now shot callers. That is false, Scopely will allow them to have their say on smaller things but large scale Scopely dictates what happens. I don’t understand how people can’t figure this out for themselves yet. PC does not make the decisions, they can tell Scopely how bad of an idea they have but if Scopely wants to proceed, Scopely will proceed.


Same here, well over 20 years of gaming, ive played them all, arcades, atari, nes, sega, n64, xbox, got into pc gaming, seen all the trolls, ass holes, griefers, cheaters, seen all the bugs and glitchs in games, etc. EA, Ubisoft and Activision have nothing on scopely, i have seen the call of duty community, the league of legends community, counter strike community, all of it, the worst of the worst, i have seen nothing like this, nothing comes close.


The players council are not your personal punching bags. And I’m sure they are not trying to do anything to hinder anybody’s gameplay. You are calling them out is absolutely ridiculous and be honest very immature.

You haven’t seen anything like this in a game? You must’ve never played over watch it’s like all the kids from overwatch switch games . Every game has bugs and no company dust up to their players on purpose. You people that cry every time something goes wrong or the minority most people love the game and just wait for the fixes instead of running to the forms and saying some really immature stuff. Get over yourselves. Nobody wants to see the same topic 50 times just because you want to make sure someone hears your voice.


I’m here u just didnt vote me on yet… hi guys hold on il make intro post.

Exactly. PC doesn’t hold any actual influence, it was just made to shut all the critics up. But then again, it kinda works. Most players are satisfied because they believe they’re being represented. Those on PC are satisfied because they think their imaginary badge means something. And Scopely is happy because nothing has really changed and whales are still spending.


They have influence maybe not the final decision but I’m sure the coin boost was their idea not scopelys the premise of bringing them into it was they did not say what a horrible idea it would be to combine everyone being that it was a visual glitch I feel for those whales that spent 10k coins during the fiasco

Also they knew signing up they would get major heat

They could speak out against this BS, but since they are all “yes” sickened with Stockholm syndrome individuals, we hear nothing.

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U know someone is watching/participating when events start some kind of communication is paramount

na but the councils help…

Wrong ive posted multiple times this event how terrible and how poorly designed arenas is top to bottom? Does me telling you that change anything…no.

But yeah I agree arenas is terrible.


Are u on the pc? Would be nice to know who is on it