Where is the new war wheel? I need motivation warring!

I have been waiting for a month to come and hope for the new war wheel :frowning: Why do we need more red cakes?? Even if my faction takes the 1st rank I can only have 1k1 creams in total, and it doesn’t make sense. No motivation at all… Most will only claims the 25k milestone with the war rewards like this…


The real motivation here is the exclusive War Toon… but there is no info about that until now…

Scopely couldn’t figure out who to put in it, Kal or Kal so the decided on no wheel


Personally I want the cakes since I’m 1k away from S class priya they’re pretty useful

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now that scopes knows you are so close the are taking away all ice cream cones for your bucket you are in.

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I wouldn’t be surprised since the collections expire right before war ends so you’d need a toon from the next batch to redeem the cakes.

But not all of us have the requirement toons :frowning:

Have to wait until October 18th war weekend for some reason, I guess it will be an even more pinnacle event then.

So this war we’re collecting items for something we don’t know yet what for?
Lmoa. What an incentive

Yup, pretty much…

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So the new war wheel will use heads not war tokens? Im confused.

Heads to be redeemed in museum for s class and also gear

So we get war tokens next crw?

Yeah. Next war for war tokens

1 month and a half just to see new war, damn hard :frowning:

Honestly, if your still playing this game it’s for your friends or because you enjoy the raid mechanism. The rewards are so pitiful that it’s not even worth looking forward to. We all know the wheel will be terrible.

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It rotates every Sunday evening

Yeah but those purple tokens will be expiring soon. Obv why they didn’t do a wheel this week even though we have a war.

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