Where is the map for red kites?

So it’s awesome to see a map for blue kites, however, where is the map for red kites?


For the love of GOD… someone tag JB and GR please xD

they answered that before today, they dont like double answering

Really? didn’t saw that post, could you please share the post or the answer?

Kites & Flags
I know many players reach out to claim there needs to be additional Kites and Flags to finish up levelling their Dual Specialist characters. Those shall be offered down the line, as we’ve not forgotten about Dual Specialists just yet!

The usual NON answer

Behind the paywall of course…

Remember… Red kites had only ever been for sale; blue kites were a free stash item. That and the blue toon is basically worthless…

They need to NOT put elite tokens or whatever the fuck they think of in kite crates.


I’m sure the red kite roadmap is coming but it’ll definitely cost coins to play it, enjoy.

The odds for getting just only blue kite is low. So we need that the kites could be delivered via another ways that anyone can obtain it without wasting hundreds or more coins in bags with tiny odds…

Its a good start but we need more ways.

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