WHERE is the love?


My wife complains more than any spenders or free player…

I spend too much time on this game, I totally ignore her. I take my device to bed. I eat dinner while I’m playing. I farm when I’m on the toilet. I watch videos when I’m driving.

My kids fight, kick and scream when they’re WARring. They drive their mother to scream at me but I ignore her coz I’m levelling up on a second device while WARring with the kids.

My dogs starving to death coz it’s WAR all weekend. The lawn needs mowing, the pantry is bare, can’t even be bothered to run a brush through my hair.

The only time you’ll hear me complain, is when we need one more for WAR to defeat the rabble.
Instead she picks up her device and plays boring scrabble…


Lol I feel like many of us get the complaints of significant others. Especially on war weekends. While we all hated not having war, my girlfriend was very happy about it. Buuuuut, we just love this game too much to stay away! :upside_down_face:


Draw a line in the Sand!

Tell them all that war is not to be disturbed and to make sure daddy has an endless supply of sandwiches :slight_smile:

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