Where is the logic Scopely h

wtf no logic



Why does there need to be logic?

I thought this was a little odd as well, get 1 bear for 4 tickets or run the road map and get 1 bear for 3 tickets?

Trying to find logic where none exists is illogical. But perhaps they are finding that players are not bothering to run the road map, and this is a way of getting rid of tickets so they are not clogging up the server? Idk


Who cares?

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Thought of 2 possibilities - 1. Usually rm ends a day earlier than museum collection. Bit early to put it up, but in 6 days might be only way to trade tix 4 bears. 2. Might be for players not strong enough to beat rm, unsure if there are low level guys with enough elf hats.
Just thought of 3. Rm is only every 2, 3 hours maybe some peeps have more tix than rm iterations left.


For the 1K museum points! :rofl: :rofl:


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