Where is the Legendary Roadmap?

I don’t remember the thread, but I am pretty sure kalishane confirmed that legendary gear roadmaps were planned. It has been months now, and all legendary gear is still being held hostage behind insanely stupid offers($50 for a CHANCE at a gps/ canteen) and 1 piece as milestones behind impossible to reach requirements.

I’ve said it before. Instead of scopely hiring more devs or community managers, hire someone who understands how to run a business. It’s embarrassing the false promises and complete idiocy of scopely decisions.


An event for the gear starts tomorrow. :slight_smile:

That’s not a legendary gear map tho. It’s a random event


I understand. I am just trying to offer you a positive. :slight_smile:

She recently asked for a ss of the promise of legendary gear map, and confirmed later after someone posted it that she saw it. So maybe one will come soon

Yeah she has a bad memory …

the answer in your heart