Where. Is. The. League. Toon?!?

It’s been more than a few days, Scopely. If you’re just going to wait until the end of the seeding to put them in, why not just say it?!


Was confirmed today that it’s coming. Hopefully by tomorrow.


Lol we have been asking them to be honest, up front, communicate, etc. For years, wont happen, we will continue to get half baked info fed religiously to us opportunists


Canceled!!! G.R just can’t find the face to tell y’all


JB said toon may be coming by end of week on Discord. 3 more days i guess.

Sounds like it’s dropping tonight. 5pm pacific.


Which thread was this in?

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oh man i hope you’re right

Might be wrong. I think the tease was about the new Richard on another post. He did mention that the league toon is confirmed though.

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actually she’s a new collection, clearly f2p


Better not be ivy. That’s a shit toon…


Ivy looks decent as a piece of art but man does the rest of her blow. She has to be f2p.

F2p will only get sh*t toons from here on out. We are in the endgame and here it’s all about the whales and how much milk can be extracted before the curtain closes on this train wreck of a “game”.

Happy spending! :laughing:


Doesn’t say league store toon. She seems to be some sort of collection toon.

I think Ivy could be the league character by looking at her description :sweat_smile: It matches with other recent F2P releases.

VK have posted her with details of a collection, plus she doesn’t have the Leagues title. I don’t think she is

Yup. No chance she’s it. The league toon will be someone that hasn’t been leaked. Otherwise they would have released ivy Monday. She’s been leaked for a long time.


Ah. Guess I am slow. Haven’t checked vk in hrs lol

Is it really necessary to make another thread about WhErE’s ThE lEaGuE tOoN? It will be here,they said that already.

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Might be a blue disarmer

Saw amd 250 damage 1 turn attack down 1 turn … What a joke … F2ps all have at least 1 disarm… F2p doesnt include folks who rarely play. F2p means the player actually plays actively and all active players should at least have bruce. But noooo we get a bunch of moderate players grouped in to f2p needs lol so now its a certain scopley will think they did something amazing for f2p and we will for sure not see a new free toon until next league season lol