Where is the imagination, blah rewards

Sorry Scopes but wow , disappointing rewards , in the words of Gordon Ramsay … it’s bland !


Just copy paste rewards and keep coming out with overpowered promos they keep feeding us we keep buying


They do suck, but at least there’s AR trainers instead of AS trainers that’s one positive lol

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I prefer this over legendary medals… I’m sick of those by now (never been a big fan of legendary medals)

Imagination went out the window when war exclusive toons quit and tokens became accepted


At this point, it shouldn’t even cost medals to ascend toons. Just a way for them to try and make more money.

Gonna enjoy my weekend.

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The raid milestones are so lol

Bad rewards do not make me want to play. Good rewards create competition…this seems to have been forgotten.


This game has ever had imagination? Scopely has been awesome before? Came up with some cool events, nice rewards, fixed bugs, etc, etc. I must be playing a dif game

Just to emphasize a little check out the rewards for faction raid …nuff said

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yeah would have preferred 5 grenades they rock who wants gold mods or bennies, nades and smelling salts, only reason why I war is for that

Just remembered a time when these kind of tournaments were exciting , trying to get the maximum out of it , now you see prizes like medals , food (which is easily obtainable from Depot) , rare gear ? Maybe we’ve become to spoiled? I dunno been playing this game since the very start , maybe that’s it , maybe my expectations are just to high

Well to be fair, once upon a time, there was only ever one event at a time, and it was weeks or months between a level up.

$copley’s hired psychologists determined more $$$ could be squeezed from gullible addicts with more frequent, and less rewarding events, than rare high reward ones… so we’re here now.


That’s how all games are. Initially, playing something new or playing for new rewards is exciting. However, the more you play, the more you get bored. That’s human nature.

The prizes now are better and more useful compared to what they were before; but many veteran players are also at the point where they’ve played too long that it isn’t exciting anymore. It isn’t necessarily the daunting flaws of the game, but rather we’re just programmed to lose interest overtime.

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86x Benedicts
22x Lilliths
16x Ulysses
100 cans for raida, world stages and war and it still growing

Your point ?

Did you just logic on these forums? :rofl:

I dont see any of that, i just see a SS of your ascend medals

my point is that the game dont offer any good healera for f2p and most of ascenables are not even worth of ascending