Where is the gear map?


Weren’t we told they’d bring the gear map cut short back when space opened on the road map?
I see alot of room for a gear map now,are we getting it or not @kalishane

Where is our other 12 hours of ultra

Any time I see an empty roadmap screen, empty as in no roadmap other than the “permanent” ones that periodically occupy the map, I die a little inside. Like energy that stays at max capacity for too long, a 5* that collects dust, that one slice of delicious pie that no one ate, it just seems so wasteful :pensive:


Indeed,these are pur small deaths


I cant be positive anymore…too many wrongs done to us,and then if we get too real on here it gets censored or we get banned… it shouldn’t be this bad


Albert talked about gear maps in his letter to the players.


It’s all lies,we’ve been hornswaggled…there is no players 1st mentality they are laughing at us and taking bets on who of us will quit 1st


Like a lot of other people on this I am pissed so I will keep making threads until we get what we were told, merge or flag if you want because il just make another one.


Bump this up…I’ve asked several times as well


Has there even been a week we haven’t had a gear map? Every week I am seeing elite or ultra rare maps.


He is asking about the 6* gear map.


They have mentioned reworking new gear maps, but I don’t know how hard it will be, could be s2 to s3 difficulty, when it comes out? I wish I knew.


Merge it is. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Cool and il make another one tomorrow, pissed is not even close to how I’m feeling, if they had of left it for 24 hours I would’ve hit the milestones for Dwight and his rifle but I had to work so couldn’t farm and I’m still waiting.


You’re not wrong about the gear map but being a dick isn’t helping the cause.



The way you have been using “your” in the wrong context in every post is really bothersome also.


I seen a ban coming and then he/she is going to play the victim like they were doing nothing wrong. Keep it up buddy, I am interested to see how this goes.


not at all. it is the way they are going about it. creating multiple threads of the same subject, spamming the forum, using foul language, harassing others, that leads to bans. stop being that way because your not so brilliant faction members did the same thing.


abuse the flag system and find yourself banned too. i mean come on, use your head.




you only brought this up because I mentioned ban. So nothing to do with me or anything I said? Go bug someone else. I also did not insult you, or anyone. I said your not so brilliant faction mates. I am talking about people that are not even here because they were deserving of a suspension and got exactly what they deserved. I shouldn’t even be engaging with you. We both need to learn how to follow the rules a little more better, but you more so than me.