Where is the excitement?


Just pulled red Andrea ,

there used to be a time where this would excite me but now man it just didn’t do anything to me most 5 stars are useless nowadays I beg you scopely bring the excitement back to this game please

Best regards

I loyal player since the game started



Funniest part of that pic is the min food/wood


She’s still useful though, which is more than you can say for 95% of 5* characters now.

But I totally get it. Happens to me every time I pull a 5* I always wanted (but now are useless)…sigh


Still very useful going up against Carl leads ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Don’t spend it all leveling up your 4*! :smiley:


That PH though

Lucky, I don’t have any PH

Probably stands for like… Platinum Hat or something awesome


Place Holder


Palace Holder?

He got 9 palaces from just 1 raid?!


Those are assault tickets…lol


Keep reading the topic as “where is the excrement” and it’s ruining my experience in the forum :joy:


A palace full of Assault tickets?

Hopeful face


My guess is that its a default image because the a.t. image didnt load.


It’s in the reward section