Where is the daily roadmap?


The Rescue roadmap ended a few minutes ago and no new map popped up. I guess someone forgot to flip the switch.


Yep still no XP map, rare and uncommon gear maps are up but that’s about it.


We are probably getting the new roadmaps today but not until they are in the office. I would expect around 10am PST for it to show up.

*speculation only


Just a guess or do you have any information that we don’t?


It’s been a tough few days for them it seems… :joy:


No weekly gear map now either! The person who is suppose to be pushing the bottoms over there is really slacking. @kalishane can we get the daily roadmaps that are missing???


I have not had any of the regular roadmaps since the last update…


same here, xp roadmap for a shortened period of time, Ultimate gear map late and absolutely nothing else

Whats going on @kalishane?


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