Where is the Daily Gear Map?


Is it me or was the gear map supposed to pop up 36 min ago?

tenor (4)


Lol we can’t ever get a answer bout these gear maps it’s crazy


I asked same thing in Faction chat lol


Seriously… for some reason I recall it refreshing after my lunch break at work and that’s 1 P.M. Eastern


Okay, so I’m not alone in thinking it should have popped


No it should of for sure … but as usual we are completely in the dark with what’s going on


Well then… thanks for confirming


They took it away. Look at the faction rewards. They are exactly what we would get from farming the map. They think if they starve us for gear we will accept these rewards. They think if they deprive us of the gear we need we will buy it from the shitty deals. Keep dreaming $copely.

As players we all need to stop accepting this garbage. Stop working towards these shitty rewards. Do not spend a dime or an ounce of effort until things improve. Nothing will change and things will never get better as long as people continue to spend towards these rewards. It’s that simple.


Something tells me that adding the gear map is a manual process instead of automated.


Same rewards as ever to me


It’s definitely automatic


Automatic to me means they have it on a schedule that repeats weekly without a need for human intervention.

Either it got turned off for whatever reason or it’s a manual process to get it going.


In these type of jobs I highly doubt its on manual.


Manual, automatic, it’s truly irrelevant… there is a promised weekly gear map that we don’t have.


When you save your energy to make sure it’s full for the gear map


Stop accepting garbage. Open your eyes. The rewards are exactly what you would get from running the missing daily gear map.

If you enjoy garbage then by all means be a part of the problem. Hope you haven’t spend a ton because when your the only one left the game and everything you spend for will vanish in the blink of an eye. Without a community the game can’t survive. People are leaving in droves. Wake up.


Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy watching your youtube channel. I love how you don’t pull any punches and speak your mind regarding the game. Shame they won’t listen to people like you and the community as a whole. If I owned a business I would listen to the customers feedback. Keep up the great work.


I did exactly this. Lol. Just started some regular farming instead :joy:


Can you look into this please??


Bump bump bump!

I need 1 NVG to kick off my levelling…

Where is the map?