Where is the crit stat

What number is the crit stat

Go to combat mods
Edit: Mods Management

And we have no idea waht the crit number really means

If you dont have any crit mods or a crit boost on your weapon you dont have a crit stat

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In management window we see that every character has a default crit stat of 10 and it will show the updated number based on mods and such.

That’s kinda what I’m getting at if you havent modded or changed the weapon you basically dont have one

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That’s what I was thinking but I can’t believe that the bonus for for the slot 4 weapon stat would be 200% of a stat that can only get to about 200 with ar bonuses etc. Plus I have no crit mods on her yet she seems to be doing more dmg

She would probably be doing 20 more damage lol

Anyone know what that 600 stat is?

Territory stamina

Ah that makes sense

Yeah all these upgrades arent going to be winners unfortunately.

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