Where is the choice box for those who didn't choose to pursue Marlon & Rosie?

In princess event there was a choice box u could exchange for hats, why not this one @ForumAdmin?

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I actually do agree. There should be a trade in for this. There should be an alternative for those not interested or who know they won’t complete it. My problem with this whole thing is his inclusion in milestones takes away from other items. For an entire month we are lacking 1 item spot. Now this all goes back to the complaint I’ve had for a long time that there should be more than 3 slots on each milestone.


They can’t have an exchange for pins; that’s not how mission based events work. The items are counted while the mission is live, but they are not consumed (like items in the museum are). If there was an exchange, even those who got Marlon and gear could get the exchange.

The Princess event had a trade Ride tickets (and red velve cake) for a shard choice box, but the ride tickets were not mission collectbles, the were roadmap energy (which is consumed, of course). They did not have a trade in for teddies or hats either, for the same reason.

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They can do the exchange based off Marlon cards. Doesn’t make any sense but it’s an option lol

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Yep, or the leashes, that would work. Forgot to add that in my post, thanks for pointing it out.

[ETA] Downside here is that if someone accidentally claims the exchange, they are screwed and will not be able to get the toon, or max him in case of the gear. That’s rather cruel for a moment’s inattention.

There could have been a torches/pins choice box

There’s no way I’m ever hitting 3 million on level ups, never done it once, and still think the amount is absurd, I just got Pete to tier 3 and that took almost everything, now it’s gotten even crazier.

Leveling S-class is not efficient for getting LU points. That’s one problem you have going for you.


And lack of gear in general.

I really want the princess but they don’t update the checkboxes so it’s hard to get the character