Where is the 4* Parts Map?



Did you kill it altogether because I complained about not getting any drops last week?


2nd time in a week and and an hour this has happened. Weekly roadmaps usually come out at 12 or 1 PM Eastern.


Should pop up in about 12 minutes



44 mins.


No should have popped up 2 hrs ago, another fuck u by scopely, theyll drop it late tonight so everyone will have to use more cans


Keep in mind time has changed in California. Give it 26mins.


Actually its up right now.


Is it just me or has drop rates for parts improved for this week?


I’m still getting no drops at all so it’s just you my friend.


Thanx for stealing all the drops Plag… getting garbo here…


You’re welcome


The 4* parts map is in the same unknown place as the gold radio map lol


my map looks like this it won’t even allow weapon parts to drop or be farmed


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