Where is survival road?


Only 4 more hours in Wednesday here


It’s here, at least for me in Pacific Standard time.


Who cares? How is no one else tired of doing the same 3 “events” twice a week every week?


And the rewards continue to be useless crap and rng crates. Oh, If I finish gold I can get my 10th crit attack down resist mod. Then when I complete it I can get another stack of Benedict’s but no longer a Lillith or Ulysses. What fun!


Oh, yes. And Scopely runs rampant, amassing even more funds from reward-hungry players yearning for a top spot. Great stuff, isn’t it?


Yeah, I made it to platinum on the seeding round but the people at the top now are crazy. They must live in the game and spend every free penny they have on cans.

I’m already done with leagues. It’s boring like the rest of the game. Would it kill them to come up with some new events? Preferably one that doesn’t involve leveling up useless toons for points.


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