Where is SR for today?


Isn’t SR suppose to be on now ?


No. It was replaced with Faction Onslaught


Thanks for the beans :roll_eyes:



i dont understand logic of scopely. why onslaught instead SR, wasnt it better instead faction raid tournament?
btw it takes only 500 battles to earn same amount of solo trophies like in SR tournament.


Terrible decision to replace SR with Yawnslaught, if they wanted to run it why not replace one of the billion level ups they run instead?


Yup, but we got bamboozled with Yawnslaught. You know in place of a actual helpful event that ppl actually enjoy and that has things we need, we get this.
Sweet right? So instead of Everyone being able to benefit and get the gear and other things we desperately need, here only the top factions get to benefit. While 95% of us get bent over and bored to death for a measly 600 league tokens, crappy bronze mods and some Canned Beans🤦


No no no no no. Scopes have totally listened to feedback about how sr could be better and have temporarily pulled it for an overhaul.

This could have happened. Right?


The faction one is still on this weekend isn’t it?




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