Where is raid event?


According to the calendar it should of started 10 mins ago


Wondering that myself


Personally, I hope it never starts. :joy: Boring!


subtochange :wink:


Pretty sad 8 hours after updating the calendar it’s already “changed”


We should have known it wasn’t coming considering there’s been nothing from our trusty Russian website about it


me too. Too many raids in recent weeks. I ran out of raid energy refill


Raid tourney is up for me.


Who came up with these milestone rewards? Really bailing wire, sand paper, brass sheets? Super common stuff… I’d rather get the food bags if anything


It’s late but it’s here. Holy crap the rewards just keep on getting better and better. Gonna use up all my cans for these sweet milestones. :rofl:


I burned a couple of cans at the start then looked at the rewards. Guess it’s going to be free energy the rest of the time.


Yeah, these rewards are fantastic. Just look at the coins were saving. Scopes is so generous. :wink:


Hahaha the fact that this hasn’t been updated just highlights why we have so many unfixed issues.

I wouldn’t pay 930 coins for 5x duct tape let alone 1x sandpaper.

Seriously @JB.Scopely can we get an update on this kind of stuff?

Please :slight_smile:


Do you think someone has EVER bought that? There’s just no way.


Of course not hence the winky face :wink:


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