Where is our God gator :(


Gator is sat in many ppls roster rn he sits there and whispers ascend me driving me to complete insanity I can’t ascend cuz welll you just can’t worst thing is he’s been like some top secret project or something it’s like if your not actually making him ascenndable but torturing him of course no one wants to think that and we sure as hell hope he isn’t so pls if you happen to have any information on gator relese even if it’s just his stats or his skill or his model gator should be like a little journey for us not a omg scopely have took gator to a secret area for experiments but he will be ascenndable don’t you worry… Cmon we neeed gator information @kalishane


He’s going to be ascended to another trash 6* without a doubt. He’s basically just a development cost for scopely and they won’t make money from him. They’ll throw us a bone after a while and say. “We gave you what you wanted!” He will probably be 85ar or so, 3 people get camo with an active skill of recover self from confuse.


So with Gator it’s been rumored he Mimics peoples AR


Now that is the best idea I’ve ever heard in this game ever, like the tree guy in tekken 4. Make it so lol


he will be ascended in early 2019 … lol


Be patient! It’s coming early 2021


He’s already ascendable, it’s just that his Camoflage II skill is so effective that no one can see it, gj scopes


He will be first 6☆ shield and the cries will be Legion from everyone who ever sent him to the depot


Would be funny to see that a melee toon copies a range AR or Shiva ar.


I already gave up on him! Used two Gators to ascend Wyatt!


Gator will be a 6* human shield for sure!


No he won’t.

I’m guessing He will still be ass