Where is our andrea?


Scopes fuk us in da ass again with davie…Where is our lady???


they cant make money on blue andrea…so red davie first…hehehe


They’ll release Andrea after a yellow disarm toon appears.


Scopely has certainly had it fair share of delays with all the transfer bug issues and trying to push out the 14.00 patch. My guess it would be somewhere afterwards after when the 14.0 update goes live. Probably a few weeks afterwards. lol

I’m anxiously waiting for andrea as well.


They haven’t completely decided how much to nerf her yet, so holding back. They learned with the Wanderer not to post-nerf, sorta looks bad. Not that they care.


She is basically a sitting duck in my roster now.


I wish I wasn’t dumb enough to buy her full price a few days ago. And the fact that she showed up again when it refreshed is a serious kick in the nads.


It doesn’t matter where she is. She won’t be worth a damn once she’s released. Too many powerful pw2 yellows out there. Shes already obsolete before she’s even here.

We need f2p disarm, revive, and human shield toons. A f2p ranged guardian 2 wouldn’t hurt either.

The divide between f2p and pw2 is so enormous right now and there seems to be no end in sight to it either.


Yes youre 90% right but we need her to kill cancer magna erica teams


No you don’t


Spoken like someone who has them. Magna/Erika teams need to be nerfed big time or have fun playing with only the other whales who have the same team. That will make for an exciting time out war.


I’d love a legendary Andrea I remember how thrilled I was getting her back in them days , lol but I also remember getting my first karate Jesus (4star) man was he game changing or 3 star sandy who just hit the whole field :)) god those were the days my friend


He was the fkn boss one of my favorite toons back it the day


Correct, i have both - i also use a f2p team to beat them, easily.


And none of us give two flying


Good job, I don’t see how a crappy Andrea is going to help to be honest, not like shes going to be good
E2A - I hope she is truly but so far all legacy cards have been beyond disappointing


This entire game has gone downhill the past 6 months. One short-sighted money grab after the other.


Yes, just liked that post. I think there is a serious issue with both the pace of legacy cards and the stats of said cards when released.

Would love those legacy cards to actually be useful, If i had to guess the next one that will be any good will be knox, purely as he is a rarer one and $$$$


Who the f*** tell you it’s going to be Andrea ?
Maybe it’s not maybe it’s Carly or Duane …


Bc Andrea was leaked as 1st of them so it does make sense…why would they release toon as 1st and upload it as last???