Where is our A list?

1 week in 2019 and we still dont have list…
@JB.Scopely your team have better things to do?Like new promos? Plese relese this list finaly.

Yes , where is that list , I wouldn’t mind a decapitate cause the game became sooooo boring with all the power full shields and revives toons out there ,
I wouldn’t mind seeing Sawyer in the league store become an ascendable as long as he keep his special skill , and a good state as a 5*
I don’t mind losing the stun tough .

There is no list because they haven’t even given any thought to which ones will be made ascendable but rest assured once they do lock them in they will all suck and half to three quarters will be toons that were given out over a year and a half ago in some event.

Keep spending…er surviving. :smirk:

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They do not care about old five stars. That is painfully obvious by now.


(List ends)


I’m all over that, even if we have to ascend him from 4★ to 5★ first

Yeah maybe make one of those old events where you have to max the 4* to get the 5* ascendable and then maxing the five star out to get the 6 star without having to use medals

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