Where is October Calendar?

So here it is the Last day of the month technically and we still do not have a calendar for October. Does anyone know what is going on this evening? Is Scopely taking a break? Don’t think I remember ever not having a calendar update. Typically they would add the first week of the month on previous calendar. Please keep giving reasons why this game has gone downhill and the people who want to make money end up price gouging items that used to cost much less months ago. Updates? How about updating then Season store with updated characters every few weeks instead of every 55 days.


They don’t work weekends and GR who handles the calendar wasn’t in last week.

Also season characters every few weeks would only work with reduced prices, otherwise it’ll just be a bunch of toons people would miss


I think that technically 55 days is a few weeks…
But yes its a shame that the calendar has not been updated, I am assuming that we will get a solo level up in a few hours, followed by SR and Solo raid.

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Vk shows solo lvl up starting at 8:00 pm est.

Not even going to bother posting rewards because “subject to change” and all :slight_smile:


It’s practically the same thing every week. Not much need for a calendar. :pensive:


Not much need at all, but still fun to look at and see which events will be canceled or swapped out.


I figured it would but I want to really know when we will have wars. Miss them every weekend. I need mod removal!!

ok, time for my job interview as events coordinator

  • Solo Level Up (Sun 5:00pm- Wed 12:00pm)
  • Solo Raid (Mon 5:00pm - Tue 10:00 pm)
  • Solo Survival Road (Wed 12:00 pm - Thu 5:00pm)
  • Solo Level Up (Thu 5:00pm - Sat 10:00pm)
  • Mods Removal Event (Fri 5:00 pm - Sat 5:00pm)
  • Cross Region War (Sat 5:00 pm - Mon 10:00 am)

let’s see how I go

~ events might take 1 hour to start, we forget to press the button
~ events are not set, I just made this up and we can change it from solo to fac if we want
~ reward can not be changed, unless we want to


You forgot the Hordes event, for Wed 5pm - Fri 12pm, that will be cancelled on Wednesday at 4:30pm.


i am appreciated with your suggestion i think your are right

thanks and regards

I have just updated the calendar with the October content for the week ⚔️ Tournament Calendar.


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You guys are killing war & my region. Why give wave 1 AOW again? When last transfer open we lost 3 factions & gained 0 in my region. We only have like 5 active factions & 4 semi-active factions. We are matched with the top faction more then 50% of the time. It’s not fun warring the same faction all weekend.

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Any info to share on territories? How many open, what prizes, etc?

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Fixed for you

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I figured it would but I want to really know when we will have wars.


RTS community: How much communication do you not want to give?

Scopely: Yes

Fixed it lol

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Thanks GR - also Kudos for adding the Territory, much appreciated.

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