Where is my today's free death Dublin?

Everyday I usually get a free deathdoubloon with login . Why today , I am getting yet . Carnival event is ending in an hour and I need only last one to unlock maggie.

I guess it’s a region thing. My main region gets one hours before my others do. It’ll be too late for them.

Only 28 days we received the tokens was even a constant screen that pops up letting you know that you were on 28/28 just like the days that followed.


I got a token each and every day of February for free. Got Maggie and 5 pulls on stash 2. You must have not collected 6 tokens.


Well I mean it is March today…and that was a Februay login event.

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I got a in game message saying it ended on 3/1/2018. That’s today.

This thread reminds me of old pick lines I used on UK Contiki’s a few years ago.

Are you from Ireland, because my pants are Dublin…

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Damn maybe you’ll get lucky you can purchase one but like the other guy said you should have had Maggie 5 days ago

Dude you dont deserve maggie straight up lol PAY ATTENTION BRO