Where is Mackenzie?


Mackenzie came one time… just one time. Scopely, why don’t you sell Mackenzie again?


They usually only bring people back, if they sell really well. Im assuming mackenzie didnt, if so im surprised by this.


She is amazing! One of the best toons, in my opinion


of horse they didn’t break her back. I mean she had good stats and AR but ret is not the best specialist skill. I hope they bring her back there we have had like 40 Erick promos


Gee, and here I thought everyone was so upset they’d never spend again :man_shrugging:


Where’s the Shane and Jessie promo? I want my crappy healers.


Why bring this up now after everything they did over the weekend your asking them to make u spend more this is the reason y they will always treat us like crap


Mackenzie by far 2nd best only 6* that has recover all comes in handy with all this burn mods and stun weapons


Healer I mean


Trust me , you don’t want her .


Active skill revive is all the rage right now…




yup always treat us crap unless people stop spending ! but we know now whales wont stop for whatever, why i am not surprized :joy:


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