Where is Lilly?

Where is Lilly? She showed available before the dual specialists came out but is nowhere to be found…
Asking for a friend. :-/

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She isn’t available, she was for the top 3 factions from war of champions


Ah. Thx!

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And wasn’t she supposed to be out up in premier recruits right after or did she get put up there?

What? Why would they release her so soon? Would have been pointless to be top 3


Ah nvm I thought I read somewhere they’d put her up a bit after the big war, my mistake.

They put her up at a later date

Because they love money. They got you all to spend for a shot at her and sometime in the near future, of course, they will give everyone else a shot at her too.

Wouldn’t it be funny if they also threw in that dumb looking tank pic as a bonus? Who am I kidding they wouldn’t do that. Nope, they would charge extra for it. :smirk:


We all know she will be out eventually, all war toons came out at some point.

And i spent less obtaining 2nd then a 10 pull

Congrats I bet it was a blast.

Also no where did I say anyone spent extra on the war itself but you damn know you wouldn’t be there if you didn’t spend to put together a strong roster.

Remember when Wanderer was a war prize? Lol.

No, they mentioned that she would eventually be put into the premier wheel. You know, like how we will eventually get territories fixed…

Also how we would eventually have roadmaps for 6* gear

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