Where is FUN ..!?

with all those dollors people spending in this this game… my question is where is fun left in this game in which event or anywhere !!!
this is like hi scopley is 100 dollor for ur new pixel everytime they promo new pixels… i am sure my thread will get close asa emplyees see this

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What you see as boring, someone else sees as fun. Ands what’s your point with the spending, maybe those people see the spending as fun.


Well if you are ■■■■■■■ billionare u can spend 23837 dollars on pixels…

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Yeah, what a fun. Try it at the hobos next door. Spending could be fun, if someone smiles for a dollar.

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Well you never know, maybe the people who spend a lot here also give out to the hobos.

Hackers/Cheaters stole it

yeah its boring thats why i spend time on collecting toons

You know you don’t have to spend or play, right?

When players tell him that, he accuses them of being Scopely employees.

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F is for friends who do things together

U is for you and me

N is for anything, anytime down here in the great big… Road to survival? :hugs:

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Spending is soooo fun lmao

Thank the spenders for keeping the game going. To expand a company has to make money. Some odds may seem a bit unfair for example i spent $200 trying for lydia first time and the 2nd time she was up she was a single pull first try. But that $200 goes to keeping servers up and new content being put in place. Its sucks sometimes but thats buisness.

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You know you don’t have to reply to every topic to play, right?

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“FuN iS bAcK iN tHe 5* MeTa”

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You know, I can respond to what I want, right?

Why does the ftp community always attacking the pay 2 play players. You enjoy the game how you see fits


F is friends who stuff together
U is for you and me ♫
N is for anywhere and anytime at all down here in the deep blue sea

Fun was when the armory wasn’t around.
Fun was when mods weren’t around.
Fun was when specialty skills werent around.
Fun was when the dog tags meant something.
Fun was when 6*’s weren’t around.
Fun has been missing from this game since late 2016.

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