Where is daily login

So I just want to ask where is daily login event for those who are not a member of the club?
Are we less important to you $copely?
You guys dont want us to come every day and play this game or?



the login reward is playing the game itself, there was pretty much a new login event each month last year.

It will return next month, JB said

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Not sure what relevance that has to the topic.

He’ s a troll

All post coment same things

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Daily login stayed in 2018.

Keep on surspending.

Yes… You thought anything different? Lol. If you thought they cared about f2p at any point thats laughable. How do u help pay their bills of your not $pe-ndi-ng?

@RedReaper the relevance is that we all had login rewards each month last year, so it wouldn’t be so bad not to have one this month.

Then they realized they wait, we have to make sc actually have value so ppl will subscribe. Wait, people like daily logins… Let’s stop giving them for free, and add it to sc! Great, let’s go hit up top golf!!!

Gotta pay the bills some how.

It wouldn’t be too bad to miss one for a month, I agree, I still don’t see much relevance to the thread, unless they start running out of ideas, unlike promos.

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