Where is Ascendance expecting new toons

Ascendance, great new feature, and bla bla bla…

During that time, only new ascendable toon instead of making old 5* ascendable… There are tons of toons… and you are creating only new…

Do you know that old 5 toons are useless so let them to be ascendable ffs.

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No money = Scopely won’t do It.


I know.

But ascendance cost plenty of toons… so at a time, ppl will need toons.

Need of toons = money

I know, I agree with you. But for Scopely, old ascendables doesn’t make money (Not as the New) so we Will have 1 every 2 months and 3 Premier each month "/

They could do it, and add the 5* version to premier recruits for the people that do not have the 5* version…

Or for people that want 2 of said toon :sunglasses: