Where is AOW / CRW for Week 48?

Hi Scopely! How come there is no scheduled AOW/CRW for this week (week 48)? There should be one owing to historica event schedules. Instead all were getting is Solo Raid? Please give us AOW / CRW this week and include our region (as you have a history of forgetting new regions).

I’m glad there ain’t no war this weekend due to holidays spend them with your family go and socialize in person bud


this weekend isnt holiday throughout the world.


Fck that noise, the majority of the world has no holiday weekend.

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But scopely is an American company so they celebrate. Deal with it or don’t play the game.


Thats a weak excuse since the majority of the player base isn’t American, and scopley doesn’t work weekends anyways. They rarely give a shit about any other holiday.

Not all Americans spend Thursday through the weekend celebrating the one day holiday of Thanksgiving (Thursday). Unless you count Christmas shopping as part of the holiday. I’m sure there is some reason besides the holiday for the war movement.

Very true, and being in the UK i agree.
But also me:

The holiday is on Thursday so they are probably off Thursday and Friday like most companies in the US. They can’t get shit right when they have months to plan for it and people working. Now you want them to do a war with people off a few days before it starts. Everyone would be running here crying about all the fucked up stuff. I’ll pass


go pass war if u want. u wont be missed. majority wants war.

I’m pretty sure the original war schedule for woc2 had war this weekend and then there were a few posts about moving it for the holiday weekend, so they could have actually made an announcement about it getting moved.

But you’re right they would have screwed it up anyways, since screwing up is a daily thing for them now.

And guess what you’re not getting. So keep complaining.

While I don’t really like them rescheduling war and messing with the rotation, in the end as long as we don’t get a 3 month hiatus I don’t really care when it is.

But playing Devil’s Advocate, the next CRW is a WoC qualifying one. Is it fair that some people will be busy with family and not able to war? Shouldn’t a qualifying CRW be on equal footing for everyone? (though I’m sure some will argue the WoC qualifying hasn’t been equally fair to everyone)

Edit: they could have still put in an non-qualifying blitz to give people something to do because clearly not the entire player base is busy this weekend.

lol. hardly complaining. just asking Scopely. besides, theyve screwed up many times in different aspects of the game over the years, holidays or otherwise. having war this weekend would not be any different.

Everyone will have this harvest event to keep them occupied.

I hear ya. That’s why I’m ok with no war. One of the few tolerable aspects of the game doesnt need to be screwed up because they are off. I would rather push it back and hope they can get it right when they are there.

This is not just about Americans.

What about all the Phillipino’s who can now enjoy a war free Bonifacio Day? Kazakh’s and their war-free Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan? Bajan’s and Yemeni’s who can celebrate their independence day’s without letting their faction down? I for one will be joining the Turkmens people in celebrating Good Neighborliness Day.

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@CaliEskrima - The schedule has changed when it comes to the planning of the AOW/CRW. (Basically, starting from the 29/11, all CRW’s have been pushed by a week as reflected in the below calendar). For the updated dates of the War of Champions please refer here: War of Champions II update - 11/05

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