Where is Aaron hiding?

Seems like the perfect weekend to drop him in a stash. Does anyone have his 6 card, I couldn’t find it.


Whoa hold on there, we still need Lori first :joy:

If that’s the real card, he is pretty mediocre.

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Most of the FTP 6* have been, with some notable exceptions (Carl, Shiva, Zeke, Gov, Mira stand out). Also, it’s a matter of use. He’s not fantastic as a standalone, but that heal is valuable in the current meta, in my opinion.


Carl is still better than him imo, cause he hits all enemies adjacent even tho for less damage, maybe with a all green team he could be ok.

Can we really count Ezekial is f2p? I mean, yeah he was in a f2p event, but now the only ways to get him are through paying.

Yeah, he’d still be f2p as he is still owned by a majority of f2ps around at the time of his event.

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I wouldn’t say a majority.

Sure, in the past he was f2p, now he’s p2p

It doesn’t matter, he was given to F2P players

That still counts as F2P though. People like Erika aren’t because you can and only have been able to get her through $$$. But Zeke was free and I’d say a majority of even fairly new players got him for free.

Zeke kicked off the 6* era and was given to all players who put in moderate work, and that’s not that long ago compared to other players of 2+ years or more, Hell I just hit my 500 day login a few days ago. So Zeke does fall into the majority.

He counted as f2p earlier on, now since the only way to get him (considering you don’t have him or want another one) is through paying. The ones who got him for free, good for them. The ones who didn’t, they have to pay so to them he’s p2p. 2 different viewpoints on the same character.

I‘m sure we can feel Free to Pay any time.

Carl is absolutely better. But for those that don’t have him, Aaron will come in handy (although anyone who has Aaron probably already has Carl due to Aaron’s scarcity).

his stash is now up

Is he accendable from a 4*?

No. At least to my knowledge.

If I had Aaron I would ascend him for the green stun stages in sr and that’s a nice heal. Would I pay $300 dollars for him. Hell to the no.

I have him. But I ascended a 2nd Carl instead because I got sick of waiting for his release.
So i Improved my tower team :+1: Also I don’t really rate him tbh. Maybe if his rush was quicker. :thinking: