Where in the world are the world cans!


So you guys are limiting the high holy hell out of world cans now!? In two years I have never had 0 cans and you’ve deepened the switches on supply depot, you barely run world can bags and their at a horrible percentage, you run events which take 400+ world energy, you’ve taken away our by monthly farmable maps… why is nothing being done about this?! Oh that’s right your trying to make us all quit?


Correction: they are trying to milk us all dry before we quit


My thoughts exactly. I mean they used to mess up with things like this but srly? You guys give us roadmap every day to complete you need quite a few hundred energy, and NO FREAKIN CAN, NOT ON SHOP NOWHERE. You could get a lot of money because we need energy and you don’t even sale it… Srly you guys are really reallly bad. Every time you get players hope up and then you do something this ridiculously stupid. Its not the end of the world, but this show how much you care about your own game, although I guess you milked us quite nice already.

Oh well… New forum same sht… :confused: