Where has the world energy bags gone

Just though it would be beneficial for everyone if you guys had left it up while there is an event on which require a large amount of world energy @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely.

You’re not allowed them because you need them. The end.


That is very true

SD refresh best and cheapest

I preferred the bag as I got 11 from there

If we had the secret super duper mega ultra whales cry about it like they did for war score change then we would have those world energy can offers up in seconds

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The real question should be why are scopes blatantly lying about the odds on the various bags that you can get for world energy. I needed some - so far I got four of those bags that are 195 that have a 30% chance of 2 cans. By extension here is a 70% chance of getting 3 or more cans. Out of the 4 bags I got I have received 2 cans in 3 of them.

Naughty naughty scopes lying about odds

I got an 8 and a 3 from mine

Different buckets

I have good news they put it in the store for 195 thanks @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely!

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