Where Do You Stand In The CRW v AOW Debate

F2P = Free
Mild Spender up to £$50 per month
P2P above £$50

I appreciate that putting a cap on what is considered a mild spender may be divisive, this is just to gauge a rough idea of the player base opinions, not to pigeon hole everyone

  • I’m F2P & Prefer AOW
  • I’m F2P & Prefer CRW
  • I’m A Mild Spender & Prefer AOW
  • I’m A Mild Spender & Prefer CRW
  • I’m P2P & Prefer AOW
  • I’m P2P & Prefer CRW

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Where’s the option where people prefer both equally?

Because contrary to the other salty thread, it’s not that people want CRW killed, it’s that 2 CRW’s in a row isn’t great.


Mild, aow. Until the prize structure is changed I’ll be a never crwer
I prefer crw, but the prize structure sux for the sky of teams included.


I want both. Prefer crw, but I NEED aow (or blitz) for can farming.

I stand that war should happen every week in some shape or form and not just on a weekend. Then all this bull crap about crw or aow won’t be an issue. Scopley development/financial team have bottle necked events that people want so that this happens. Think of something you like or liked about game and it will get nerfed if you write about on forums.

War’s good in moderation, exhausting if every week.


I must say I feel thoroughly pigeon holed by the options

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I’m on the AOW as it once existed is past its days of being a fun and engaging experience for the bulk of the community.

Should be reworked to match the current state of regions and game design (leagues/transfers). 3-4 region pairings with intra region matching enabled.

Well blitz is under used its short and sweet should be more of it. Can’t see this setup being to much for anyone. Or do u prefer levelups lol
week 1 aow
week 2 blitz
Week 3 crw
Week 4 blitz


Aow has its place to hold a region together I like going after the faction that aways walkers territories 6star teams weapon crits or just seeing what others have it’s a way to move up or one’s that talks sh*t about everyone trolls then gets owned during awo cus there’s only really 3 good players in the faction. Rewards aren’t good enough for crw in my books from top to bottom. In Crw I don’t have the banter or know them to feel right let’s get these feckers if you know what I mean.

I get that. But the community is far too spread out for it to be a good experience for the overall community. Certainly there is local value, I agree with your points. But as is, it also brings alot of frustration to a huge part of the community. Let’s aim for improvements that can maintain this localized value and minimize frustrations where applicable.

Simply the game isn’t what it was when AOW started. As such it too should evolve to minimize negative sides and meet the positive sides you state.


‘Short and sweet’ but it’s still 30 minutes full attention. Times again to meet milestones, times again if I’m needed to reach 6/6. All this on a weekday. Next week you treble that time for CRW/AOW. That’s just too much of a good thing. It’s war gluttony and the playerbase would get bored quickly. You can have too much of a good thing.

For the record, I do like a quieter level-up period, I can focus on SR, complete an Assault, or build my/my faction’s teams for next war. More importantly, I can put the game down and not feel like I’m abandoning my fac and burning progression.

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Definitely not most regions are lucky to have a top 6 active factions never mind 10 merging regions was the way to go but that ship has sailed, it is a broken system but its all we’ve got lol more of all wars I say

Where’s the “Ive put all of the children of scopely employees through college and just like complaining” option for spending?

As peeps say you don’t got to do every event after milestones in war I usually take a back seat enjoy the weekend. Quiter period for me is Monday to Friday I like sr myself I’m always leveling toons up so don’t mind 1 or 2 a week but prefer wars at weekend . Is near once a month at the min for war.

If they restructured the prized for CRW I would not mind losing AOW all together but currently as a mid level top faction we finish 1st in AOW and 4th-6th in CRW.

Apparently there are p2p that prefer aow, but the smallest percent of the group by far. And once again i ask. What happened in a month? Where has this 70% majority gone?

That’s fine, but if everyone took that attitude war would die on Sunday as everyone reached their milestones and took a back seat. As long as war’s on you’re always going to be close to your phone.

I honestly prefer AOW for better rewards and also mine region is very active so we got no problem with long searches etc.

I personally think as a mild occasional spender but mostly f2p that aow is good to see if the region has changed in power rankings and has way better prizes for facs who can’t break into the top 10 in crw but aow should only be held every once in a while cause in dead regions it’s boring