Where do you redeem week 1 rewards?

It says we have 24 hours to do it but I’m not seeing where to redeem prize tokens anywhere. Anyone know? Thanks!

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You redeem your badges in the Museum under collections! You will then receive Rise to Power tokens.

The Alexandria badges will expire on Sunday, so make sure to exchange them ASAP.

The Rise to Power tokens can then be used in either the Rise to Power wheel or the Rise to Power stash for 5* Ascendable Rick! These are both located under “Recruits and Rewards” on the Town screen.

Did you get the rewards from being in each group for the first week?

Did rewards for week one come out yet?

First week rewards still missing in Stephens region.

Nothing here either

Just a heads up, mine just popped up in Elbert.

I got 225. Should we get more? Community prizes and faction prizes?

Got like 400 I think. Used in the stash and unlike the previous pulls, I just got the gear. Like I need it.

Just one. This event is crazy with the lack of details.

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My tokens went straight to the wheel for gear, I don’t even have the option of using them for Rick. What gives?

I got tokens for colony but not faction , anyone else?


Same here.

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Only the main group prizes here nothing for faction yet. Our boards were marred by the extra point thing wonder if that is playing a part.

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They say that it could take 72 hours after the end of the first part to receive the rewards.

I already received 200 Tokens for the Community Ranking. Lacks those for the Faction ranking.

Same. I’ve no idea wtf is happening :joy:

Community finishing place prizes only, no faction finishing place rewards yet in Walton, Dallas and Escambia.