Where do you get the VIP points

Scopely as far as i know haven’t explained where do you get the VIP points, can someone tell me where you get them

They’re prestige points

im at 900 consecutive days, still get the same number of points as I was at day 7. riddle me that batman


Miss a day, and you’re at 50 again, if it’s that what you want :wink: :joy:

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1522 plus the 360 or so before they started counting
So close to 2000 consecutive days lol

Why screwing loyal players?
Prestige 13?

I’m prestige 12.
I have 1522 days like a lot of other people but yet we LOYAL people get turds.

Pretty low of scopley.

And if this isn’t correct then the explanation on how to obtain the points isn’t clear.


You get the prestige either A) Every day (upto 350 if a 7 day+ login streak)

Or B) You buy stuff and you get prestige points for that

Thanks for clarification. You made sense.

It made it sound like you must be a prestige rank 13.

Again the explanation from scopley isn’t clear enough for people.

Tks Parker for the quick reply!

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I don’t see why the prestige event is getting shortened because of an error scopely did, kind of messing up people chances of getting the 40 bear tokens

The prestige event tokens are not part of the 40 gameplay ones so it doesn’t really. Just means less extra ones.

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ah thought it was part of the 40

I don’t think these will count, especially now. They count as spending, not gameplay

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I believe you, but i also believe it’s broken. Logged in this morning, collected my usual prestige of 350 for my long log in streak, yet see below

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p13 we dont get the points but its been addressed on discord and will be given all rewards we would of completed when it ends plus an added bonus for inconvenience

Yet those who aren’t P13 and spent cash thinking how they can get more than just two paws will now get just one… And pure F2P login streak now gives just 1.75k VIP, so no paws at all - indeed a great move, Scopely - this is how customer retention works… not

Some bs for the other players who arent p13

There’s an announcement on the blog about that, I think

Yup, there is a post:

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