Where do yall get all of the season tokens in leagues?

Im in plat. 3 and still am not able to buy both season 2 league characters. So how do y’all get all of those season tokens? Is it milestones, heavy participation in raids, territories or something like that?

milestones and in my region (at least for me) the league missions are fixed so i get an extra


What about ur faction, where are they?

Save them from previous season too


Mix of milestones, leftovers from previous seasons, and faction rewards. Your faction plays the largest role in getting you season tokens, so if they dont do well then you have to rely on milestones

Well, it could be because I was in a sister faction for a bit. And then moved back when we transferred. We had to start over and are just now in plat 2

We moved in middle of leagues and had to start over, couldn’t get Mira in season 1. Have enough for Sandy and one other now, you get almost nothing from faction in lower leagues which sucks because it takes forever to move up. We qualified for diamond in seeding then moved and barely got to platinum 2 here at the end of season 2.

i hve 45k reserve atm and i already baught all toons frim season two not 5* it depends on where ur faction end up in events weekly

Your milestones and the faction rewards are important.
Should manage to start season 3 with 70k so with the start of season 3 and buying all toons there i can start saving for season 4. Playing at diamond II and for a diamond IV faction helps.

I haven’t really pushed this season , had enough for both plus Naya . And assuming they stay the same costs one of S3 already , Being in a Diamond faction helps immensely but personal milestones play a part . For example I’ve never gone past 2600 in raids or top 10 in my solo for DR , war helps a lot too .

I got all 3 and 20k leftover even though my fac transferred a month ago and started over from bronze. All about milestones i guess

I bought maya and have enough for sandy hoping for a human shield for season 3

bough zeke and sandy and now try to save 25k for next season

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i only bought naya and have another 30k for the next season

I bought Tara, Naya, Sandy, Heath all this season. Pyria first season. I have 70,881 left for season tokens. In platinum 5 and stay around that, my faction is diamond 4

I have Sandy and Naya, I still have 28k for next season.

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