Where do we need to place each event to get Wyatt?

Have you considered how long it will take for the event to end? We might get Wyaat quicker than we think!

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I hope so!

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Doesn’t seem to difficult. Place top 10 in a war and top 100 in a few events and he’s yours. I will have him after war.


This is their business plan and it will never change. Keep us in the dark to maximize profit. Since we never know, we have to dry our resources and/or spend money to place high to maybe end up with a surplus of items.

Can we know? I’m only at 3850 and need to know if it’s even possible at this point

Yeah i assume they know and they just dont want to disclose which imo is fine. Although I admit I am probably giving them too much credit.

A better statement without telling specifics would be we anticipate x% of players to acquire these rewards or x per region are likely to obtain a given amount.

Well they made Wyatt pretty easy to get so people would pull for red 6*s from the promos to beat the influx of green teams